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Gravestone Engraving/Inscriptions in the Trenton, NJ, Area

The content and design of every memorial is unique and customized according to the needs of our customers. We will engrave the stone with the message that you would wish to tribute to the memory your loved ones. To guarantee accuracy and quality, we will visit the site and do all preliminary work to prepare the layout and quotation for your inscription. This process includes visiting the site, making a "rub" of the existing lettering, confirming size, font, style and content of the proposed inscription.

Our gravestone engraving truck in a cemetery in Trenton, NJ

These steps are done free of charge and put no obligation on our customers, thus we insure our customers against inaccuracies or miscommunications.

This part of our pre-production routine is followed by an exact quotation sent to you in writing.


Every inscription is done on-site, without disturbing the existing monument. In order to do this, we send high powered, heavy equipment to the site of your existing monument along with a skilled lettering expert to accomplish each inscription.

Once you have accepted our quote, a stencil is made from a rubberish material that fits on the stone where the inscription is to be done.The custom stencil will be used by high-pressure sand blasting equipment for accuracy and spacing.

The lettering expert (and his fully equipped truck) visits the site, checks the lettering and measurements and gets down to work. 


Our process is lengthy, but it assures satisfaction and accuracy on every level.

1) There is no obligation to our customer on the stage when we gather information.
2) You receive a free quote based on your input, swell as our photos and measurements from the existing stone monument.
3) Once our quote is accepted, we make an accurate inscription and we guarantee the result.


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"Serving All Faiths,
All Communities"

In New Jersey:

Burlington, Camden, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset Counties.

In Pennsylvania:
Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware
and Montgomery Counties.

Ancestry Memorials
602 US 130 way
Trenton,NJ 08691

We Work With The Following Cemeteries & Many Others:
(If you don’t see your cemetary listed, contact us. We work many others not listed.)

Bordentown Cemetery
Cedarhill Cemetery
Columbus Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery
Chesterfield Friends Burial Grounds
Evergreen Cemetery
Evesham Friends Cemetery
Jacobstown Baptist Church Cemetery
Jacobstown Cemetery
Jesus, Bread Of Life Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery
Colestown Cemetery
Crecent Memorial Park
Gate Of Heaven Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery
Haddonfield Friends Cemetery
Harleigh Cemetery
Locustwood Memorial Park
Cedar hill cemetery
Colonial memorial park
Crosswicks community cemetery
East windsor cemetery
Ewing cemetery
First presbyterian church of ewing cemetery
First baptist church cemetery
Fountain lawn and memorial park cemetery
Greenwood cemetery
Groveville cemetery
Alpine cemetery
Beth abraham cemetery
Beth israel cemetery
Brainerd cemetery
Brookside cemetery
Calvary cemetery
Chestnut huill cemetery
Christ church cemetery
Christ church episcopal courtyard
Clover leaf memorial park
Adelphia cemetery
Agudath achim cemetery
Allentown methodist cemetery
Allentown presbyterian church cemetery
Atlantic view cemetery
Bay view cemetery
Cream ridge cemetery
Emley's hill cemetery
Evergreen cemetery
Fairview cemetery
Basking ridge presbyterian church cemetery
Bound brook cemetery
Cedar grove cemetery
Cedar hill cemetery
Clover hill reformed church cemetery
Franklin memorial park
Holy cross cemetery
Peapak union cemetery
Sacred heart cemetery
Saint andrew's ukranian cemetery

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